German shepherd dogs

On our website you will find high class German shepherds for sale. We will only add a shepherd dog to this site, if we are completely convinced of its excellence. More than 40 years of experience with German shepherds is the guarantee to find a dog, that will perfectly match your specific needs. More information about us can be found here.

Reliable German shepherds

When buying German shepherds, one of the most important things is trust. Taking our advice will guarantee not only a high quality of the shepherd dog, but also a trustable deal. We know the German shepherd breeders and their dogs, that are part of our website, and make sure, that friendship and loyalty stay keywords in this business.

German shepherd breeders

If you like to offer a German shepherd dog for sale, you can apply to add this dog to our system. Under members you can manage your German shepherd kennel.

Why should you add your dogs?

This website is a beautiful place to present your German shepherd dogs. Because of our reputation, it is very attractive for people, who are interested in shepherd dogs. Moreover, it can be found more effectively than many other websites about German shepherd dogs and private websites of German shepherd breeders.